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Friday, November 28, 2008

Macabre- Grim Reality (1987)

Band: Macabre
Album: Grim Reality
Year: 1987
Location: Chicago, IL

Track List:

1. Embalmer
2. Trampled To Death
3. Holidays Of Horror
4. Fritz Haarmann The Butcher
5. Evil Ole Soul
6. Harvey Glataman (Your Soul Will Forever Rot)
7. McMassacre
8. David Brom Took An Axe
9. Cremator
10. Nostradamus
11. I Need To Kill
12. Ultra Violent
13. Rat Man
14. Hey Laurie Dann
15. Patrick Purdy Killed Five And Wounded Thirty
16. Exhumer
17. Dr. Holmes (He Stripped Their Bones)
18. The Green River Murderer (He's Still Out There)

Download: Grim


Chain S. Wray said...


This is the album Gloom (1989) and not Grim Reality. Grim Reality is an EP with only 6 songs


k3 said...

Ive the vinyl of grim reality,it has 8 tracks

Serial Killer
Mr.Albert Fish
Mass Murder

Son Of Sam
Hot Rods To Hell
Ed Gein
Natural Disaster.

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